Key Requirements for Your Estate Planning

Business estate planning helps ensure your business matters are handled according to your wishes when you die or if you become disabled. Good estate planning will protect the business that you’ve worked so hard on and poured so many resources into. This is true for all businesses, but especially for family-owned businesses you want to pass on to a successor.

Our estate planning services will help maximize your business’s value and minimize taxes. To achieve this, we work with your existing advisors, including accountants and lawyers with your estate planning with wills, buy/sell shareholder agreements, estate freeze and insurance protection.

We specialize in:

  • Wills to Serve Business Owners’ Best Interests

    Your will should cover both your personal and business assets. A will is a document that describes how you want your property and owned interests to be distributed. It also ensures the smooth transition in ownership of a business in the event of death, total and personal disablement, or trauma of an owner.

  • Establish Buy/Sell (Shareholder) Agreements Proactively

    Our approach divides the business share or interest of a proprietor, partner, or shareholder when the owner of the business is disabled, deceased, retired or interested in selling. A buy/sell agreement requires the business is sold with a predetermined formula to the company or the remaining shareholders. Before the interest of a deceased owner can be sold to the company or remaining partners, the deceased’s estate must agree to sell.

  • Utilize Estate Freeze to Transfer Assets Without Taxes

    An estate freeze is where you, as the business owner of an estate, can transfer assets to the next generation without incurring tax implications, primarily capital gains taxes. As the share values grow, the pending capital gains estate tax also grows.

Insurance Protection for Peace of Mind for Business Owners and Their Loved Ones

As a business owner, life insurance provides coverage to protect your business and your family from unforeseeable future events:

    • Key Person / Loss of Executive
    • Executive Compensation
    • Buy/Sell (Shareholder) Agreement
    • Business Loan Protection
    • Capital Gains Tax Planning
    • Wealth Creation

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