Business Succession Planning Services

“Nearly 30% of all the small and medium-sized businesses in Canada – will be selling or transferring control of their companies within the next five years. By 2022, those numbers are expected to reach 550,000 owners with $3.7 trillion in assets.” (CIBC World Markets)

Over 50% of business owners intend to sell or transfer their business to someone outside their family. 25% see a family succession, while 20% expect to wind down the business and sell its assets. We can help you to start planning early before your planned exit to achieve your desired outcome.

Here are Three Common Business Succession Planning Services Strategies:

  • Pass Your Business to a Preferred Successor

    You would choose a successor, such as a family member or a manager in the company. When choosing this option, you would need to establish the ideal profile for your successor, then identify and evaluate potential candidates.

  • Transfer Ownership to a Management or Employee Buyout

    You can transfer the business to a management team or a group of employees that pool resources to acquire all or a part of the company. This is an option if you don’t have a candidate for succession, or who want to preserve the corporate culture of the business.

  • Sell Your Business to an Outside Third Party

    If you are looking to sell your business, you can issue shares in a private company on a public stock exchange. This may include the issuance of shares to a private financial investor, or the sale to another business, including shares to another operating company.

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