Financial Planning For Business Owners

Our comprehensive financial plan includes an analysis of your current situation to provide you a clear understanding of your retirement income and identify any gaps that may arise. You’ll also benefit from our ongoing monitoring and regular reviews to help you achieve your customized financial plan.

You’ll want to maximize and protect your wealth while minimizing risk. We work with your existing advisors so your financial plan is based on a team approach. In addition to retirement planning, our comprehensive financial planning approach takes into account all aspects of your financial picture to reduce tax and improve your cash flow.

How we can help you:

  • Manage Your Risk and Respond to Financial Issues

    As a small business owner, you’ll need to manage and plan for a lot more risks than an individual would. These risks include death or disability of a key person to the business’ success, illness, property ownership loss, lawsuits, and interruption of the business due to outside factors. These are specialized insurance protection measures for the business, as well as coverage for all employees.

  • Establish Guidelines between Personal and Business Goals

    If you don’t have a financial plan, your short-term and long-term financial objectives can become blurred between your personal and business goals. Having a plan can help to ensure your important personal targets, like retirement planning or family finances, are taken care of.

  • Provide a Blueprint for a Secure Future

    A common business mistake is to put too much focus on daily operations, neglecting long term growth and forward planning. A financial plan will help you to focus on the future by making clear what expenditures are needed to keep the company running and growing, while improving future performance.

  • Develop a Good Strategy to Minimize Taxes

    Financial planning is helpful with your annual tax returns and when you sell the company. It also helps by indicating whether or not you’re paying too much in taxes, or if you should increase retirement contributions. If you increase your annual contribution, you can save in payable tax and improve your retirement plan.

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